VDA Members


The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) unites more than 650 manufacturers and suppliers under one roof. Therein lies the strength of the association: The VDA speaks with the voice of the entire industry. Its members develop and produce cars and trucks, software, trailers, bodies, buses, parts and accessories, and ever new mobility offerings. Membership creates networking and access to the decision-making processes within the industries, as well as opportunities to participate in the political dialog.

Benefits of VDA membership

The automotive industry makes a significant contribution to the prosperity and competitiveness of our country. We at the VDA unite the combined forces of the automotive industry and create the internal solidarity among manufacturers of passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses, as well as suppliers of parts and accessories, and the manufacturers of trailers and bodies.

Who can become a member?

VDA members are companies, and not individual people. A prerequisite of VDA membership according to § 4 para. (2) of our constitution is that your company has a manufacturing site, or you are a service developer for third parties within the Federal Republic of Germany. A distribution center is not sufficient as eligibility for membership.

      Your company can become an ordinary member of the VDA if it either:

  • Manufactures vehicles and their engines, trailers, bodies or buses, or vehicle parts or accessories
  • Supplies products, software, or services for vehicles and their engines, trailers, bodies, buses, vehicle parts or accessories.

      Your company can become an extraordinary member of the VDA if it either:

  • Manages a company in another branch of the transport sector
  • Is closely related to a company in another branch of the transport sector as a result of its business operations
  • As a foreign company within a branch of the transport sector carries out a major part of its business operations in Germany.

VDA Membership

VDA Membership include Manufacture Group I,  Manufacture Group II,  Manufacture Group III, Extraordinary Members, Star-ups, and Corporate Members. 

Memebers of manufacturers of automobiles and their motors.
Members of manufacturers of trailers, special bodies, buses.
More than 500 members supply parts and accessories.
Representing the infrastructure around individual mobility and transportation. The VDA provides the right contacts for innovations, current topics and regulatory processes.
If you are a start-up and interested in becoming a member of the VDA, we offer the benefits of membership at a specially reduced rate.
Representing the interests of individual industry segments and other companies in the market. In the VDA, they find networking and a voice in current issues.