VDA China

About Us

VDA China Office was founded in 2014 in Beijing, it supports the German Automotive Industry to improve transparency of the Chinese regulatory environment and market by aligning with authorities, associations, and institutions. VDA China leads to and represents the common voice of members by establishing and steering corresponding projects related to ICE, NEV, ICV, aftermarket etc., as well as governmental and enterprise-related projects. VDA China also regularly organizes VDA Round Tables of supplier CEOs, R&D Heads Meeting amongst members and Sino-German activities jointly with Chinese counterparts, actively promotes governmental and industrial cooperation between the Chinese and German governments, especially in the field of intelligent connected vehicles.

Our Vision

To keep the leading competitiveness of German automotive industry in China and to create a friendly legislation environment in China with the principle of transparency, non-discrimination, reliability, and reciprocity, VDA China Office has always been striving not only to follow and interpret, but also to influence and lobby over the governmental thoughts and actions.

Our Mission

VDA China acts as the eye, ear, and voice of the VDA in China. It keeps close monitoring of the political, economic, legislative, regulatory, and technical status quo of the local automotive market, and actively organizes communicative and cooperative Sino-German projects based on the common positions and interests of the VDA and member enterprises.